According to the father of Molecular Gastronomy, Hervé This, who created the discipline in the 1980s, “Molecular Mixology is the practical application of the theoretical findings of Molecular Gastronomy to the bar environment.”

The ideas and techniques of Molecular Gastronomy, defined roughly by This as “the practical application of science and physics in cooking to create a new taste experience” have been followed by leading chefs over the last few years. Its successful practitioners have found fame, fortune and adulation. Feran Adria from El Bulli in Barcelona, Heston Blumenthal from The Fat Duck in Berkshire (voted “the best restaurant in the world”) and Pierre Gagnaire from restaurants in Paris and beyond.

The application of this trend to Mixololgy is being heralded as the latest innovation in the bartending world.
Top bartenders from around the globe are excitedly learning, developing and adapting the theories first applied by This, and positioning “Molecular Mixology” as a fast emerging reputable discipline in the drinks industry.


The key to this new discipline is the combination of the unusual and the unexpected. Rather than match ingredients that traditional cocktail making suggests might go together, bartenders are now matching ingredients with a similar genetic make up. Incredible new flavours, textures and ways of serving are being created, using the
principles of chemistry and physics as a source of scientific inspiration and guidance.

Committed to innovation and development, Bols is leading this movement - inspiring and engaging bartenders around the globe and widening the reach of this emerging trend. This was kicked off in October 2005, with the world’s first “Molecular Mixology Master Class” at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where eight of the world’s best bartenders came together to learn from the father himself, Hervé This.

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