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Hervé This Biography
Internationally renowned chemist from the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in Paris, Hervé This is credited with creating the scientific discipline known today as Molecular Gastronomy.

Currently the only person in the world to hold a doctorate in Molecular Gastronomy,
Hervé has championed this technological evolution in the field of traditional cooking and armed innovative chefs from around the world with new tools to encourage increased creativity. One such devotee is three-star Michelin chef Pierre Gagnaire, who works closely with Hervé to invent recipes based on different themes taken from his Molecular Gastronomy research.

A well known face to French media, Hervé This is also the author of several books including Les Secrets de la Casserole, La Cuisine du Passé au Crible de la Physico-Chimie and the eagerly awaited Molecular Gastronomy, published by Columbia University Press. He was awarded a wealth of honorary medal by the French government for his services to French culture.




Pierre Gagnaire Biography
World famous Pierre Gagnaire is the owner of three Michelin stars and proprietor of the acclaimed restaurants Pierre Gagnaire in Paris and Sketch in London. Born into a family of restaurant owners, Pierre began his career managing his family restaurant, Le Clos Fleuri, and in 1980 he opened his first restaurant in the city of Saint-Étienne. Since 1996 Pierre has been based in Paris, establishing Pierre Gagnaire at 6 rue Balzac, 75008 and more recently opening Le Gaya By Pierre Gagnaire ar 44 Rue Du Bac 75007.

Having decided that all too often routine takes the edge off creativity, when developing his menu in 2000, Pierre Gagnaire called Hervé This and proposed that they work as a team. Together, they composed the Science and Cuisine menu.

The pair have come a long way since the millennium, with Hervé proposing scientific and technical inventions and Pierre incorporating them into his culinary creations.




Wayne Collins Biography
Widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and innovative mixologists of his day, Wayne has 12 years’ experience of managing bars and restaurants in the UK, Europe and the US. Throughout his career he has devised unique training and education programmes to encourage bartenders to enhance their own bartending skills.

A regular face on UK television, radio and particularly the BBC’s Good Food Live, Wayne also provides consultancy services for high profile events such as the BAFTAs, premieres and fashion shows. Wayne has been working most recently on Taste, a daily food and drink programme on Sky One.

His awards include:

  • Winner, Drinks International Cocktail Challenge, Excel, London (2004)
  • Winner, Drinks International Bartender of the year (2003/2004)
  • Double Trophy winner, Drinks International Cocktail Challenge at Vinexpo (2003/2004)
  • Winner, Drinks International Cocktail Challenge, Vinexpo, Bordeaux (2001/2002)
  • Winner, Trophee Chartreuse, European Bartenders Challenge (2000)



Tony Conigliaro Biography
Having worked at some of London’s most fashionable cocktail bars such as Detroit and Isola, Tony Conigliaro is something of an alchemist when it comes to cocktails and one of the most active bartenders in the field of Molecular Mixology.

Tony is currently collaborating with UK three-star Michelin chef and Molecular Gastronomist, Heston Blumenthal, in order to create a molecular cocktail list to partner the acclaimed menu at the Fat Duck at Bray.

At present, Tony is Bar Manager for the Shochu Lounge at London hotspot Roka, which won Time Out Bar of the Year 2005. It has also been cited by Theme Magazine as having the best drinks list in the UK.

In the past, Tony has written for Theme and Class magazines, and has also been featured in The Independent and The Guardian.




Audrey Saunders Biography
Audrey Saunders began her career in 1996 after taking a seminar in mixology from Master Mixologist, Dale DeGroff. In 1999, she and DeGroff opened Blackbird on East 49th Street where they worked side by side and Saunders painstakingly proved herself to regulars by mixing DeGroff’s specialties to perfection.

Audrey joined The Carlyle in February 2002 where she spent has spend the past three years creating and fine-tuning a world class beverage programme, earning the bar a global reputation for cocktails and a listing in Forbes magazine’s top 20 bars in the world.

In the summer of 2005, Audrey Saunders opened the Pegu Club in New York City’s Soho district. Her goal is that the Pegu Club serves as a beacon to those who hold the craft of mixology in high esteem.

Audrey has been featured in The New York Times, The Financial Times, Wine & Spirits and The Wall Street Journal.




Colin Field Biography
Renowned bartender Colin Field has been Head Bartender of the Paris Ritz Hotel’s Hemingway Bar for over 11 years.

Having studied at the Ferrandi School in Paris, Colin has taken part in numerous national and international competitions. In 1983 he won the silver medal for France at the Martini World Championships. He also helps with the training of young bartender students doing Mention Complémentaire and specializing in Bartending.

Named The World’s Greatest Bartender by Forbes magazine in 2001, Colin continues to innovate in cocktail making and his experiments in Molecular Mixology provide daily entertainment for his hotel guests.




Eben Klemm Biography
Eben Klemm is Director of Cocktail Development for B.R. Guest Restaurants/James Hotels, a New York City-based collection of concept restaurants, lounges and boutique hotels. He oversees the training of bartenders and staff and most importantly, the creation of all the company’s speciality drinks.

Before moving into the world of cocktail making, Eben was a bench top Molecular Biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.

This training has influenced his innovative combinations and techniques, playing not just with flavour but also with form and perception. Bars, after all, are a lot like science laboratories: a flat washable surface, lots of ice, running water and alcohol and a renewable supply of subjects on which to experiment!




Eben Freeman Biography
Native New Yorker Eben Freeman has been tending bars in New York City for more than 15 years. He has worked with numerous luminaries of the restaurant and bar industry including Pino Luongo, Danny Meyer, Jean-Louis Palladin, and most recently Wylie Dufresne and Sam Mason.

This has motivated Eben’s imaginative approach to pairing dishes with a variety of beverages, utilising the principles of Molecular Gastronomy. Eben has found that these techniques allow for the delivery of intensified flavour and the development of viscosity and texture in cocktails.

Eben is currently Bar Manager at wd-50 where his innovative cocktails have attracted attention in The New York Times, Food & Wine and New York magazine. His approach to his role at wd-50 is focused on creating a bar that provides exemplary service for its diners.




Joe Choi Biography
Joe Choi got his first taste of the bar and restaurant industry as a waiter in the Hong Kong Holiday Inn. This was followed by a position at the first Planet Hollywood in Asia, where he remained for the next five years.

Having worked his way up to Assistant Manager at Hong Kong’s Planet Hollywood, Joe decided to use his experience to help the chain expand in Japan. This turned out to be short lived as Joe was offered the opportunity to open a new club in Japan called Ageha. To date, Ageha is the largest and most successful club in Japan.

Joe is currently the Bar Manager at Ageha and is in the process of opening a new club in Tokyo, Sin City.




Linden Pride Biography
Linden Pride began his career at Sydney’s award winning Rockpool restaurant after which he moved to London to further develop his bartending skills. Stints at top London bars and restaurants including the Ten Rooms (Class magazine UK Bar of the Year 2001) and Hakkasan (Michelin Starred Restaurant) followed before returning to his native Sydney.

Nominated Australian Bartender of the Year 2004-2005, Linden is currently Beverage consultant to the W Retail (China Doll) Group in Sydney. Through William Blue Hospitality School Beverage coordination and National Absolut & Plymouth Academies, Linden is now a leading figure in training and industry development within the South East Asian Region.



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