The BOLS Recommended represent the cream of the crop: cocktails that are famous, or popular, or were important in the evolution of cocktails, or which have won credible competitions such as the BOLS Masters, or have been published in credible modern books and bar magazines in the UK, USA and Australia. We feel these are all great drinks, and recommend you try them.

  We’ve listed each BOLS Recommended cocktail according to it’s sweet/sour and strong/weak taste profile plotting them on what we call the Taste Axes. Here are some extreme examples of each type:

Very Strong / Very Sour: Margarita
Very Strong / Very Sweet: Brandy Alexander
Very Weak, Very Sweet: Tequila Sunrise
Very Weak, Very Sour: Gin Rickey

As tastes, Sweet and Sour are very close to one another. Strong (in the Taste Axes) doesn’t necessarily mean strong-tasting. Most Very Strong drinks tend to be sourer, and most Very Sweet drinks tend to be weaker. Other tastes such as bitterness, saltiness, umami and herbal flavours (like mint in a mojito) may also be present in a cocktail – the Taste Axes are just a simple guide.
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