BOLS Triple Sec
  Shooter glass  
  Shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass  
22 mls BOLS Triple Sec
22 mls BOLS Vodka
22 mls Freshly squeezed lime juice
  Many bartenders wrongly use lime cordial/syrup instead of freshly squeezed lime juice, which completely ruins wehat is otherwise a pleasant little shooter.  
  The Kamikaze is a Balalaika as a shooter, using lime juice instead of lemon juice. It is also related to the Cosmopolitan in recipe terms, although image-wise the two drinks could hardly be farther apart. eatured in Heywood Gould's terrific 1982 book "Cocktail", later made into a terrible film starring Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue. Gould's descritpion of the Kamikaze is a classic: "The kamikaze is one of a class of disco cocktails invented by barbiturated teenagers. It is a senseless, infuriating concoction composed of equal parts of vodka, lime juice and triple sec.....thrown down in one gulp"  
  added on: June 27, 2000
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