Long Island Iced Tea 
BOLS Triple Sec
  Long drink (collins) glass  
  Lemon wedge squeezed over drink and dropped in  
  Shake all ingredients except cola with ice, strain over fresh ice and top with cola  
8 mls BOLS Gin
8 mls BOLS Vodka
8 mls BOLS Triple Sec
8 mls Silver tequila
8 mls Light rum
30 mls Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Top with Cola
15 mls Rich sugar syrup (2 parts sugar:1 part water)
  Attributed to Robert Butt. This is the most popular version of this renowned get-you-legless-drunk cocktail: the five white spirits, sweet and sour and cola. As with many tutti-frutti cocktails that grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, the Long Island was designed to taste innocent - like iced tea, in fact. One way to achieve this is to add the cola to the other ingredients in the shaker and (very carefully) shake all together: the shaking "flattens" the cola's effervescence, making it sweeter and more like iced tea. Using tequila in a Long Island actually turns it into a Texas Tea, and the strong taste of tequila means that it will never taste like iced tea. If you want an authentically iced-tea tasting cocktail, skip the tequila. Variations: Top with cranberry juice instead of cola to make a Long Beach Iced Tea, orange juice instead of cola for a California Iced Tea, or grapefruit juice instead of cola for a Florida Iced Tea.  
  added on: November 9, 1999
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