Apple Martini, aka Sour Apple Martini, aka Appletini 
  Cocktail (martini) glass  
  Apple slice  
  Shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass  
60 mls BOLS Sour apple liqueur
30 mls BOLS Vodka
8 mls Freshly squeezed lime juice
  Muddling in a few slices of a nice green Granny Smith apple improves the mouthfeel drastically.  
  This drink was the hit of the first few years of the new Millennium, driven by the success of sour fruit-flavored liqueurs. Apple Martinis are almost always made with a sour apple liqueur as standard, although some outlets now use regular apple liqueurs instead of, or as well as, sour apple liqueur. Close relatives of the Apple Martini are the Toffee Apple and Candy Apple.  
  added on: February 20, 2001
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