Pomegranate Collins 
  Long drink (collins) glass  
  Lemon slice + Long straw  
  Stir with ice  
  Place the slices of half a mandarin into a shaker and crush them with a muddler. Add: 0,25 shot sugar syrup, 0,5 shot freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1 shot Bols Pomegranate and 1 shot Bols Corenwyn and top up the shaker with ice cubes. Close the shaker and shake for 10 seconds. Fill a long drink glass with ice. Double strain: pour the contens of the shaker through a Hawthorn strainer and a fine strain, into the pre-chilled glass. Top upthe glass with pomegranate juice.  
  Pomegranate, a super-fruit containing healthy antioxidants, beautifully showcases the fruitiness of the Bols Corenwyn.  
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