Baja blue 
BOLS Blue curacao
  Long drink (collins) glass  
  Shake with ice  
40 mls BOLS Blue curacao
20 mls BOLS Vodka
10 mls Pisang Ambon liqueur
20 mls Mount Gay Eclipse Golden rum
101 mls 7UP / Sprite / lemon-lime soda
101 mls Energy drink
  crush some ice, do this together with bols blue, bacardi rum and smirnoff wodka into a cochtailshaker, shake it for 20 sec and put it into a longdrinkglas. put slowly in the red bull and then be carefull with the sevun up, finish with a drop of pisang ambon and a drop a little bit of bols blue for the coloreffect  
  just mix the spirit drinks, fill it up with first red bull and finish with 7 up  
  added on: November 12, 2002
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